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About earthfinity products and going all natural

EarthFinity Ingredients

EarthFinity ingredients originate from mother nature and are sourced from various farmers or producers of these ingredients. Our main ingredient is Coconut Oil in its best Cold Pressed Virgin Oil Organic certified farms in South East Asia. Shea Butter is purchased directly from the sources in Ghana. Arrowroot and Baking Soda from the renowned Bob’s Mill in the US. And our fragrances are created from a mix of all natural essential oils.  

Using EarthFinity Products

Because no preservatives are used in EarthFinity products, their consistency will vary in different weather conditions. In the winter cold months of Europe, they may become very hard, and the summer hot weathers the opposite. 

All EarthFinity products are recommended to be stored in room temperature, however it will not damage if the temperature varies but the consistency will change and become oilier. Once its placed back in room temperature it will solidify again but the fragrance may evaporate. 

Why Natural Deodorants

Unlike traditional deodorants, EarthFinity’s deodorant is made with all-natural ingredients. Its aim is to provide effective odour control while allowing our body to one of its very important function of sweating, to release toxins and cool our skin. Rather than use Aluminium, EarthFinity used Arrowroot that helps absorb moisture and not block the pores from sweating and the Shea Butter that harnesses moisture. Rather than use Paraben or Propylene Glycil, EarthFinity uses Coconut oil that is proving to have healing benefits. Rather than use Phthalates or Triclsoan, we use Baking Soda that eliminates odour. Perfumes are replaces with essential oils that harness antibacterial properties as well as their respective aromatherapy benefits.

The journey starts with the skin